Faculty of Indigenous Health Sciences and Technology

Dean of the Faculty

Dr. N.T.B. Madushanka
Senior Lecturer (Grade II)


Department of Indigenous Health Sciences

The Department of Indigenous Health Sciences plays a key role to enhance human health through indigenous health practices aligning with the mission of the university so as to produce high quality learning environment and to promote innovative research culture in indigenous medical sciences to produce graduates equipped with knowledge and skills to cater the national and global needs. The Department prioritizes to apply philosophical knowledge in scientific way for the betterment of human life.
The Department offers two Bachelors programs; Bachelor of Science Honours in Yoga and Parapsychology programme and Bachelor of Science Honours in Health Tourism and Hospitality Management programme.

Department of Technology

For the first time in Sri Lankan history, this department enables and opens a plethora of opportunities for innovation by acting as a bridge between indigenous medicine and modern technology. 
The department of technology offers two highly demanded undergraduate degree programs that are particularly designed to fulfill the vast requirements of the respective industries in the present and foreseeable future. Department   of Technology team includes outstanding academics and researchers from Indigenous Medicine, Bio- Medical Technology and Information Technology fields.

Department of Indigenous Medical Resources

Department of Indigenous Medical Resources is committed to generate and disseminate of knowledge, skills and attitudes for developing and utilizing Indigenous medicinal resources effectively and efficiently by recognizing the needs and values of future.
The Department offers two undergraduate degree programs which are particularly developed to fulfill the national and global requirements in the field of indigenous medicinal resources and indigenous pharmaceuticals.