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The ICT Centre is located on the second floor of the Multi-Purpose Building. This is a common centre providing computer facilities and services to students, academic and non-academic staff of the University. The centre consists of a main laboratory and is equipped with 100 computers, servers and other accessories.

Opening hours

The centre is open from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm (except during lunch hour) on working days. The centre will be open till 5.15 pm on working days and Saturdays if special request are made.


The staff includes Coordinator of the centre, two Computer Instructors,an Assistant network manager, a Demonstrator,a Technical Officer and a Lab Attendent.


The main services provided by the ICT Centre include:

1. Facilitating all computer lectures and practical related to IT course units of BAMS program and Postgraduate course.

2. Conducting the Computer Literacy Course for undergraduates of the Institute.

3. Conducting special computer training programs and consultation services for academic & non-academic staff of the institute.

4. Providing and maintaining Internet facilities of all the departments and divisions.

5. Maintaining and developing the networks of the institute providing link to the departments and divisions.

6. Providing technical services and consultations to all the departments and divisions.

7. Providing reference services which include books and magazines relating to the field of IT.