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The administration activities of all the non-academic staff attached to Gampaha Wickramarachchi University of Indigenous Medicine are being carried out by the Non-Academic Establishment Division. Currently, over 133 non-academic staff members are working in the University and the non-academic division, headed by the Assistant Registrar handles their administrative activities. At present, the division consists of 03 employees to carry out the services offered.

One of the main responsibilities shouldered by the non-academic establishment division is handling recruitments. In addition to handling their administrative matters, the division also facilitates the maintenance of their personal files. Moreover, confirmations and promotions of the non-academic staff are also handled by this division. Nonetheless, extensions of service retirements, resignations, transfers, vacation of post, salary revisions, annual increments and compilation of various annual and statistical reports of non-academic staff are some of the other services rendered by the division. Furthermore, the division is responsible for releasing terminal benefits such as releasing of Provident Funds and Employee Trust Funds. Apart from these, the non-academic division also handles the day today grievances of non-academic staff of the university.

Accordingly, we as the Non Academic Establishment Division of Gampaha Wickramarachchi University of Indigenous Medicine carry out the process of facilitating all the non-academic employees who carrying out the various activities of the University.