Gampaha Wickramarachchi University of Indigenous Medicine
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Providing a wide range of services for students in order to facilitate them with their Academic Studies as well as to enhance their skills and attitudes needed for the intellectual engagement of the University Community.

Student Affairs

Facilities provided for the students

1. Administering and Maintaining the Student Hostel Facilities, Canteen Facilities and Photocopying Services.

2. Dealing with Matters related to Calling in Applications for the Hostels, Selection of the Hostellers and Providing Accommodation.

3. Providing Financial Assistance and Scholarships.

4. Issuing Train Season Tickets.

5. Facilitating the Activities Organized by Students Such as Meetings with Guest Speakers, Seminars, Dramas, Films, etc.

6. Supervises and facilitate Student Unions, Societies and Associations.

7. Coordinating Funds of the Student Organizations.

Call for Applications.

Applications are called from all permanent academic staff members for the posts of Senior Student Counsellor, Student Counsellors, Academic Wardens and Academic Sub Wardens for the Academic Year 2019/2020

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• The completed application forms should be sent to the Assistant Registrar /Student Welfare on or before 22nd October 2021 .